About Us

About Us

Boost crop yield and improve production quality using our Premium Quality Granulated Zyme, Cartap Hydrochloride 50% SP Insecticide, Chlorpyrifos 50% EC Insecticide, Validamycin 3% L Fungicide, etc.

We, as a market leading manufacturer, trader, importer and exporter, are here to help you choose the right Agriculture Specialty Nutrients, Agriculture Herbicide, Agriculture Insecticide and Agriculture Fungicide that are best suited to your needs and applications. India being a grain growing country with commendable agri sales and export, there are many farmers and growers who are always looking for a reliable and reputable source of these aforesaid products.

Our Team

We work with the mission to make new and innovative Agriculture Specialty Nutrients and Agriculture Herbicide variety available for our growing base of product users.

Pricing Policy

One of the most important points considered by a purchaser before closing a deal is pricing.
We Believe In

Future Plan

With pioneering knowledge of our field since 1987, we know that we can provide unparalleled product and service support to progressive growers and cultivators, worldwide.

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Vee Aar Industries
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Why Choose Us?

We are forward-looking, supportive and responsible, which makes us a famed player in our segment. Apart from this, other factors that help us deliver innovative formulations and enhance our market goodwill are as follows:
  • Whatever we import, produce or sell, we make sure we thoroughly test and quality check the products at our facility before they make way to our buyers.
  • We have hardworking and loyal members in all our teams.
  • Believing in the power of continual innovation, we only adopt the best practices in our manufacturing, research and quality testing works.
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